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MEX - FAQ1How are tours staffed?
Each tour is staffed by a Spanish speaker who is familiar with the culture and customs of Mexico. There is a guide on a motorcycle and staff in the support vehicle.

Is there a support vehicle?
A support vehicle accompanies all tours and is capable of transporting at least one motorcycle to a place of safety in the event of mechanical failure. It is equipped with tools and other basic supplies to accommodate simple repairs.

Do you carry my luggage?
he vehicle will carry one piece of luggage per participant on a space available basis. Riders are still encouraged to help in handling their own personal luggage.

What’s the procedure at the start and finish of the tour?
Tours start officially at 5 pm on Day 2, allowing participants time to get to the tour hotel, get refreshed and recover from the long-haul flight. Our tour guide will meet you at the airport. The organised part of the tour generally finishes in the afternoon on the penultimate day, with the evening set aside for you to do whatever you wish. Your return overnight flight to the UK will leave the next morning, airport transfers included.

What is the petrol like in Mexico?
Full service petrol stations are plentiful throughout Old Mexico. The fuel, in most cases, is as good as that found in the USA. Prices for Mexico gas are usually about US$4.00/gallon for 87 octane unleaded. A new Premium high-octane fuel is now being introduced.

How do you handle meals?
Meals provided as part of the tour package are often open menu; you order what you want! On other occasions there are buffets and family styled servings or a menu selection of up to three dishes to satisfy your personal taste. Meals provided are a mix of breakfasts and dinners, with an occasional lunch. Meals include tip and tax but do not include alcoholic beverages. Fine quality dining is a tour standard in Mexico.

What is the accommodation like?
When it comes to accommodations, everyone is pleasantly surprised by the quality of our selections. Security, comfort, good service and access to points of interest are the criteria used in selecting lodging. If we are in a coastal town, you can count on a resort right on the beach. Everything from 300-year old haciendas to 5* hotels. When off the beaten tourist path, you may, on occasion, stay in more rustic accommodations, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

What do we do other than ride?
Each tour promotes a balance of activities with a focus on sharing the culture, history and customs of the country. You will mix with colourful native peoples, sharing their life-style, their food and their traditions. You will delve into Latin America’s rich past, from ancient Mayan and Aztec archaeological sites, through the time of the great Spanish Conquistadors, to the era of Pancho Villa and the Mexican Revolution. And while our Mexican tours are learning experiences, they are also a time of fun and fiesta!

How many and what kind of riders are there on each tour?
The tour size will vary, most are between 6 and 18 people. Tours designated as Adventures are usually kept smaller than 10 people. Couples represent more than half of the people who join our road and adventure tours and it is common to have female riders. We serve a broad demographic range. Regardless of age, the most important qualification is a healthy attitude and a desire to have fun with others.

What is the weather like?
The climate in Mexico is ideal in most regions from September to June. In the summer we travel to the Sierra Madres where the high mountain pines are cool and riding is superb. The rainy season runs from July to September. The winter months are delightful with spring like temperatures and sunny skies the norm. We always schedule tours to run during optimum climate conditions.

What is an Adventure?
There is a common misconception that roads ‘south of the border’ are not paved. Well, they may not always be as silky smooth as the ones in Europe, but our road tours are always on tarmac. On the other hand, our Adventures can have more physical demands, use some gravel/dirt roads, are less structured, and are geared for adventure touring.

What documentation is required for entry into Mexico?
Documentation required for entry into Mexico includes: 1) a passport, 2) the original motorcycle registration document (known in the USA as the title, which your tour guide will have for your rental motorcycle), 3) a credit card, and 4) a current driver’s license (must be unrestricted), and if you have a 2-part license both parts are needed. If you are a passenger, a passport is all you need.

Can non-riding guests join a tour?
Yes, non-riders may join the group as pillion passengers or by travelling in the support vehicle on a space available basis.

Will I have a roommate?
All rooms are booked double occupancy. This means that unless you are bringing your spouse or favourite companion, we will try to book you into a room with someone. If for any reason we are unable to do this, you will be charged for staying in a single room. If you desire, you may pay the single occupancy supplement, which entitles you to your own room. We attempt to get something of a profile on all riders in order to have compatible matches. We usually manage to succeed in this endeavour, but in the unlikely event you are not happy, we will make other arrangements. If all else fails, we'll ask both parties involved to pay the single occupancy rate and each will have a single room.MEX - FAQ2

Will I get more information after I book a tour?
A comprehensive tour pack is sent to tour participants about 2-4 weeks prior to tour departure. This includes itinerary information, hotel lists, travel and riding advice, packing tips, and more.

When is the best time to make a reservation?
Right away. Our tour group size is limited, and we reserve lodging well in advance to get the best available accommodations. Tours that include ferries, trains and other logistics need advanced planning. Some dates are very popular and are known to fill months in advance of the tour; on the other hand some tours have been forced to cancel because reservations arrived too late. Why hesitate? Once the tour has sufficient numbers to go, we can accept last minute additions without difficulty ... that is, if the tour isn't sold out.

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