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MEX - CopperOur Copper Canyon adventure motorcycle tour takes you to the heart of the Copper Canyon region of Old Mexico - a rugged 5,000 square miles of largely uncharted canyons, high mesas, rivers and gorges. If you enjoy a challenge, appreciate natural beauty and want to explore the authentic Mexico, then ride with us beyond the tarmac on an exciting new road to discovery!

Our adventure tour means riding on dirt and gravel roads for a more challenging and physically involved touring experience. It is not a rally, speed and performance are secondary to the emphasis of discovering the exciting cultures and natural beauty of the Copper Canyon.

We recommend that riders have at least some experience on dirt or gravel roads, although experienced road riders should not have difficulty with the riding conditions. The routing is only moderately technical with occasional optional routes offered to accommodate different levels of rider experience. Passengers and non-riding guests may ride in the support vehicle.

The Copper Canyon Adventure is special in that it offers a rare opportunity to enter the world of the Tarahumara Indian. It is difficult to comprehend that only hours from the US border thrives an aboriginal group known for their running stamina, reclusive behaviour and stubborn resistance to the structures of odern society. Many are cave dwellers. The first time you encounter a Tarahumara, touring will take on new meaning.

The Copper Canyon is no longer a secret. It has become ”the buzz” among adventure travellers, and while our guides have been riding here for well over 25 years, they never tire of its beauty and wonder. This tour is for those who don’t mind a taste of challenge and getting a little dirty. Mexico will always be special to us. The Copper Canyon is one reason why.


  • Nuevas Casas Grandes is a community that seems fairly mundane on the surface. But its history speaks volumes. Casas Grandes was founded by Mormons, was once occupied heavily by Chinese, is known for an artistic pre-Hispanic culture called the Paquime and as the bivouac area for 11,000 gringo troops who chased but never found Pancho Villa during the Punitive Expedition of 1916.  Like many H-C Travel destinations, this one is not high on the tourist list but is a landmark of both Mexican and USA history.
  • Meet with the Tarahumara Indians, known worldwide for their long distance running abilities and aboriginal traditions.
  • The descent into Batopilas canyon is one of the most dramatic you’ll find anywhere. Suited for any kind of dual purpose motorcycle, there will be moments of challenge, most of all concentrating on your riding instead of the incredible beauty. The drop is over 1500 m in 8 km of snaking switchbacks.
  • Batopilas is a village like many in this region, with a heritage of silver mining. The hacienda of Shephard is a decaying testimony of the wealth harvested from the mountains. The lonely church of Satevo has its stories and myths. Above all this will be a unique opportunity to experience a remote corner of Mexico in the depths of the Sierra Madres.


Day 1 Depart UK, arrive El Paso, Texas, Airport Hilton
Day 2 El Paso (free day), Airport Hilton, collect motorcycle
Day 3 Casas Grandes, Hotel Hacienda
Day 4 Creel, Hotel Pueblo Viejo
Day 5 Creel, Hotel Pueblo Viejo
Day 6 Batopilas
Day 7 Batopilas
Day 8 Guerrero
Day 9 El Paso, Airport Hilton, return motorcycle
Day 10 Depart El Paso
Day 11 Arrive UK

Mileage (approx)

Longest day: 390 km
Shortest day: 145 km
Unpaved portion: 30% (minimum)
Total distance: 2300 km

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Tour Includes: 9 nights lodging; 7 breakfasts and 7 dinners; 7 days rental motorcycle including taxes, unlimited mileage and insurance; bilingual staff; luggage/support vehicle; staff assistant* (minimum participation required); maps, road log and tour preparation literature; assistance with travel and vehicle permits; tour apparel gift; biker’s rucsac.

Tour excludes: Flights and travel insurance (arranged by H-C Travel at time of booking); other meals and drinks; souvenirs; tips; entrance fees, fuel

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Copper Canyon Adventure

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Suzuki DR650


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El Paso

05 Mar - 15 Mar 2010




El Paso

02 Apr - 12 Apr 2010




El Paso

01 Oct - 11 Oct 2010





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