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USA1VUSAlogoAmerica – A world in one country and a riding experience like no other. From the Florida Keys to the Million Dollar Highway, from Fall in New England to high summer the Mojave Desert, America has it all. Leave the big cities like Washington DC, Los Angeles, Denver or Las Vegas and within 50 miles you will be on empty roads with stunning scenery. The pioneer spirit kicks in, and you feel master / mistress of all you survey….

Our US tour programme has moved to All H-C Travel guided tours (and the self-guided option for those tours) are authorized by Harley-Davidson, the only such programme in the UK. To distinguish them from our other US rental and self-guided tours, and non-Harley-Davidson arrangements, we renamed them Orange & Black, which sets higher standards for these tours than are available elsewhere. Please click here

Our popular US rental programme and short 1 week self-guided tours, using motorcycles supplied by Eaglerider, can be found here.

Whatever your preference, you can rest assured you will still get our unbeatable service, and our unrivaled financial protection.

There’s so much to see, it’s hard to know where to start. Have a read through our tour itineraries, check out our rental locations, and take it from there. And if in doubt, do call us, we’ll be happy to advise you.

H-C Travel has been offering motorcycle tours and hire in the USA since 1994, and we make sure that you benefit from that vast experience and expertise. And as an authorized Harley-Davidson® tour operator you can rest assured that we offer the very best in tours and service.

And if you still can't find what you want here, please get in touch, we will be happy to help further.

USA - 2Why tour the USA?

Well, there are probably as many answers to that as there are states in the Union! There are so many riding experiences and so many iconic places from films, TV and music to visit that it is impossible to know where to start. And there’s an awful lot more besides – often the best memories are of the unexpected, the people you meet, the small towns, the out of the way sights, the great sweeping backroads, the panoramic vistas. But here goes with a few practical reasons:

  • Our most popular fly-ride destination in the World
  • You’re sure of a great welcome everywhere
  • Whatever scenery you want, we can probably find it for you
  • Great value for money
  • You need to be ‘in’ the ‘great outdoors’ – on a motorcycle – to experience the’ great outdoors’
  • Is it that ‘Harley thing’?
  • If you think somewhere looks good on the small or the big screen, wait till you see it in real life
  • If you don’t know by now we will probably never be able to persuade you! But trust us, riding a motorcycle in the USA is even better than you can imagine ....

Why tour the USA with H-C Travel?USA - 3

  • We understand that a holiday starts when you leave home, and not when you arrive, so yes, we can arrange flights
  • H-C Travel pioneered US fly-ride holidays in 1994
  • Guaranteed lowest rates - we will beat any written quote
  • Low 250/motorcycle booking deposit
  • Widest selection of motorcycles
  • Personal knowledgeable service
  • Extensive choice of guided tours
  • Professional American tour guides, who really know their stuff, worth their weight in gold
  • Rentals from over 60 locations across the USA
  • Self-guided tours from over 30 locations across the USA
  • Route planning and suggestions
  • Custom tours and itineraries available – just ask us
  • Free maps and tourist information with every motorcycle
  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Flexible holiday planning
  • Our own travel insurance
  • Cars, 4WDs and motorhome also available
  • Flights - unlimited choices
  • The reassurance and financial security of booking with an ATOL bonded and TTA licensed UK company
  • Unlimited flight choices
  • The reassurance and financial security that comes with booking with an ATOL bonded UK company
  • Member of VisitUSA, a US government sponsored travel trade organisation for tour operators and tourist boards
  • Harley-Davidson® authorized tour operator

..... Because only the best is good enough!

Some notes for guidance

Pricing - The pricing of motorcycle hire and tours can be confusing, and most companies offering motorcycle hire do not fully explain optional and compulsory additional charges. So, to help you, H-C Travel pioneered all-inclusive rates for motorcycle hire, just as you can get for car hire. This is explained more fully on our rental pages - and for each tour we show what is and isn’t included. We hope this simplified approach will help you when making your reservation, but if you have any doubts, please call. Any costs additional to a tour price will be given with the itinerary information - we believe it is important to explain to you just what you do or don't get for your money. If you think you’ve got a much better deal elsewhere, trust us, you haven’t!

Custom Tours - These can also be arranged on request. This is particularly useful for small groups or clubs wishing to tour with specific destinations in mind, and has proven very successful. We offer a number of tried and tested itineraries, or will put together itineraries taking into account your group's specific requests. Our experience is extensive and our advice is free! All of our guided tours can be requested for groups of 10 or more riders on dates to suit YOU (provided they don't clash with our published dates).

Flights and Accommodation - To complete your plans and to help you enjoy your holiday, we can also arrange your flights and any accommodation for you. We offer competitive flight prices on just about any airline you can think of (and probably a few you haven't thought of), from any UK airport. And for your accommodation needs, choose from our wide choice of motels and hotels across the continent. Or if you prefer, you can go camping with KOA and experience the outdoor life to the full. Whatever you want, we will be happy to discuss your needs.

Shipping - H-C Travel is able to arrange both air- and sea-freight for motorcycles to and from North America. This is intended for those wishing to tour for longer periods of say over a month, or for groups wanting to attend rallies, etc. We can also arrange motorcycle insurance for your bike while in North America. Airfreight is currently only practical and cost-effective in and out of Canada. Please see the relevant web pages for further information.

Finally, a note on personal travel insurance. Although all of our motorcycles come fully insured, you will still need personal travel insurance. We have our own travel insurance policy, designed by us for our customers which include covers, notably medical cover, in the event of a motorcycle accident. Many widely available policies in the UK do not offer this cover, and specifically exclude motorcycling, so if you already have travel insurance, we do insist that you check with your insurer that you are covered in the unhappy event of an accident.

As you might expect from the UK's only licensed North American motorcycle tour operator, H-C Travel offers you more for your money!


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