Bhutan Motorcycle Tour

The Kingdom of Bhutan is a destination known to few being distant from the western world geographically and culturally. It is nestled in the Eastern Himalayas, sandwiched between Tibet and India. For the motorcycle touring enthusiast, this tiny land offers the qualities you seek. It has a diversity of stunning scenery, welcoming population, political tranquility, exotic culture and quality riding. Your senses will be stimulated at every mile – this is a unique experience.

Bhutan’s natural and well preserved beauty is no accident. Life is guided here by the deep spirituality of Buddhism. All living things are valued and revered, resulting in a harmony with nature and fellow man. As you encounter the local people throughout your journey this will become very evident.

The tour highlights are not marked by the usual ’tourist’ sights found on souvenir postcards. Natural beauty, ancient traditions, gracious people and the joy of sharing this extremely special experience with others makes Bhutan so special. And your motorcycle experience will be pretty special too!

Amazingly, there are less visitors annually to Bhutan than in just 2 hours at the Grand Canyon National Park! Bhutan is the perfect place for your H-C Travel motorcycle tour!

Why tour Bhutan?

  • A truly intriguing kingdom, little seen or understood by westerners for centuries
  • Experience a uniquely pure Buddhist approach to living
  • Some joy-filled riding, often on narrow and twisting cliff-hanging mountain roads
  • Unique lifestyle and customs – the closest to time travel you are likely to experience

Why tour with H-C Travel?

  • Small groups of 2-8 riders
  • Experienced tour guide and local crew
  • We ran the first ever authorised motorcycle tour to Bhutan in 1998
  • Approved by the Bhutan government, and licensed in the UK
  • Featuring Royal Enfield 500 cc
  • Enjoy this incredible motorcycle tour into a different world. Druk yul, ‘the land of the Thunder Dragon”, is possibly the world’s most exclusive destination. It is right in the heart of the Himalayas. From West Bengal, ride your Royal Enfield motorcycle over the border, along valleys and climb passes, through virgin jungle and forest. Ride past the ancient Dzong forts of the capital Thimphu and on into the heart of the Kingdom at Bhumthang.

    Thunder Dragon Adventure

    Take in the beauty of the valleys and mountains • Vist the Takstang (Tiger’s Nest) Monastery • Enjoy magnificent views of the Himalayan peaks • View the ruins at the UNESCO site of Drukyel Dzong • Ride Nikka Shu Road, carved out of the side of a cliff

  • Visa requirements
    Visas are required for UK and EU citizens to India and Bhutan (if you are not an EU citizen, please check with your local Indian Embassy or travel agent). You will be sent further details once you have paid for your tour in full (usually visas can only be issued less than three months before the required dates). An Indian visa costs about £65, with processing fees if you wish to use a visa processing agency, of about £40. We will arrange your Bhutan visa, which is included in our price, after your arrival in India.

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