New Zealand

New Zealand

Welcome to New Zealand, one of the world’s greatest motorcycle destinations, and the perfect antidote to northern hemisphere winters. Ride on the left upon empty two lane blacktop, through endless miles of stunning landscapes, stay in friendly hotels and guesthouses in welcoming small towns – and have a thoroughly relaxing biking experience.

At H-C Travel, we have 25 years experience of creating amazing riding adventures. New Zealand was the inspiration to set up the company, and we still work with the same people in New Zealand that we did way back in the last century.

Get ready for the motorcycle ride of your life, the holiday of a lifetime, exploring New Zealand’s hundreds of miles of empty roads twisting through virtually untouched scenery. Best of all for the motorcycle touring enthusiast, traffic is light, with none of the pressure and congestion of European roads without the big distances needed to cover the USA. The ever-changing countryside means that an afternoon’s ride can bring you to a totally different environment from that of the morning. As most of the country is hilly or mountainous, the roads are a motorcyclist’s delight… scenic, well-engineered, well maintained, and best of all, they are so quiet.

And of course, we can also arrange custom tours for groups of four or more riders, in addition to our published dates.
You may only get to ride any of these destinations once in your life, so ride with H-C Travel on the edge of adventure.

Why tour New Zealand?

  • Astounding natural beauty
  • Diverse riding from grassy plains to mountains
  • Friendly locals and comfortable accommodation
  • Left hand side driving on almost traffic-free roads
  • Ideal time to visit is Nov-Mar, perfect for escaping the winter blues
  • Perfect destination for both self-guided tours and guided adventures

Why tour with H-C Travel?

  • Unrivalled experience and local knowledge. Not only does our NZ staff live in New Zealand, they seem to know almost everyone there!
  • All tours and rentals are fully licensed in New Zealand and the UK.
  • Custom tours (escorted or self-guided) arranged for or groups of 5 or more motorcycles to suit your own dates and itineraries.
  • Unique Farmstay option on self-guided tours
  • TomTom Rider GPS, topbox, puncture kit and cable lock included for all self-guided tours
  • About our Self Guided Tours
    Our fly-ride self-guided motorcycle tours in New Zealand are already a favourite and well established but we’re always looking to make them even better. Every year we listen to customer feedback, look at new attractions and accommodations to make changes we think you will like. You may only visit New Zealand once and we want to make sure you get to see as many of the best bits as possible in the time you have available. All our self-guided tours include pre-booked (and pre-paid) accommodation with a choice of two levels of comfort and price.

    We also include 24-hour support throughout the tour, an extensive road book with a choice of routes and comprehensive local information to help you maximise your time and enjoyment. And we include convenient little extras like airport transfers, a cruise on Milford Sound and GPS! We’re sure you will appreciate the value for money and flexibility these tours offer.
    All our tours can be customised for you if you have more (or less) time than our 2- and 3-week tour durations.
    All our tours can be ridden in the reverse direction.

    Southern Moonlight

    Visit the breath-taking Milford Sound • Explore thrill-seeking Queenstown • Witness the beautiful Fox/Franz Josef Glaciers • Ride stunning high mountain passes

    Two Island Grand Tour

    Explore the beautiful Bay of Islands • Discover the wonderful Coromandel Peninsula • Visit some geothermal wonderlands • Take a cruise on the breath-taking Milford Sound • Ride mountain passes taking in the stunning scenery

  • About our Guided Road Tours
    We have been running guided motorcycle tours in New Zealand since 1996, offering the ultimate in service over a variety of routes. Our routes are carefully designed to offer superb riding and to show you the many different aspects of New Zealand’s culture, history and geography. Let our unrivalled experience make your New Zealand experience an unforgettable one.

    Our guided tour group sizes are typically 10-15 people. Mileages are approximate and travelling will usually take 2-5 hours each day although many riders (by personal choice) travel longer distances.

    Our friendly, experienced local guides display a deep affiliation with the country – it is their home and their local knowledge makes your tour with us an unbeatable experience.

    Two Island Guided Tour

    Enjoy the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula • View geothermic pools & Maori history in Rotorua • Explore Nelson and the Able Tasman National Park • Ride incredible high mountain passes

  • Does H-C Travel guided tours in New Zealand require group riding?
    Unusually for our guided tours, the answer is no, and for three main reasons. Firstly, road conditions, road signage and rules are similar to the UK so you will feel quite at home. Secondly, the climate is less harsh and distances between towns not as great as on many of our other tours. Thirdly, less traffic congestion means quiet, easy roads to navigate. So, you can stay with our guide if you don’t want to worry about maps and navigation, and would like the benefit of their local experience, or you can choose your own riding companions, routes and time schedule each day.

    So how do we know where we are going?
    After dinner we have a briefing to discuss the following day’s suggested routes and other options available. This time is set aside to help you plan routes that will satisfy you each day. Each rider receives a tourbook, with daily itineraries (often with a choice), distances, suggestions for special activities and a map of the hotel location. So, the combination of the briefing and the information you have should allow you to make the right decision every day.

    What are the tour rules and regulations?
    Apart from not doing anything illegal, we only ask that you arrive at the hotel each day by 7 pm for dinner.

    What daily distances are involved?
    Each suggested daily ride has been carefully planned to take maximum advantage of road conditions and still leave time for sightseeing and relaxing. With the various riding options each day, distances can be anything from nothing to about 500 km. If you like riding long and hard, then that’s fine, if you like a slower pace, or more time for sightseeing, then that’s fine too. The maximum riding time is probably about 7 hours, but 4 hours a day is more normal.

    Do we ride every day?
    We always include free days, where we stay two nights in the same hotel. This provides an opportunity for rest, relaxation, and sightseeing, doing something different, or going for another ride.

    Can passengers ride in the support van?
    Yes, not a problem. Providing you tell us in advance you can even spend the whole tour in the support van.

    How many people are there on your tours?
    Typically 6-12 riders

    What weather conditions can we expect?
    Temperatures in New Zealand are similar to those found in Europe. So, expect anything from 10-30 degrees C. The South Island climate is much like the UK, with the SW tip rather like NW Scotland. The North Island climate is more like France, with the northern tip quite Mediterranean. Seasons are the exact opposite of European seasons. And you may well experience some rain …. so please pack accordingly.

    What hotel accommodations can we expect?
    We like our creature comforts as much as you, typically 3 or 4*. And we like to mix the style of our overnight stops. So we include the very popular Farmstays on some tours, small country hotels, city centre hotels. Ensuite everywhere of course. The Explorer and Adventure tours uses less expensive accommodation throughout, typically 2-3* but still maintain an excellent standard.

    What happens to my luggage?
    All our guided tours include a guide on a motorcycle provided we have 6 or more riders. A luggage/support van is included if we have 12 riders for the Maori Discovery and On the Beach tours. (5 and 10 riders respectively for Southern Moonlight and Tour of the Mountain Kings. So, you just keep your daily needs in your panniers and put the rest in the van, and it is delivered to your hotel room each day. If there is no van, we provide 3-piece luggage on nearly all of our motorcycles (see our rental information for further details). And of course your luggage will be restricted by airline requirements.

    Are the motorcycles insured?
    Absolutely and should there be any crash damage you will be charged up to the damage excess (again, see the rental information for details). Optional CDR insurance cover is available which reduces your damage excess, giving you the fullest possible insurance cover. Remember, you still need travel insurance, which we can arrange.

    Where do we stop for lunch?
    Our guides have their favourite places of course, and will recommend places if you are riding on your own that day.

    I have special dietary needs, is this a problem?
    No, but remember to tell us when you book. Some of our overnight stops are quite remote and they will need to make arrangements in advance for you.

    What are the age limitations?
    Like all our tours, we don’t really have any. For riders you must be at least 21 years old, with no maximum age. However, if you are over 65, then we do require that you ride regularly at home. For passengers, providing they can sit comfortably on the back, and ride pillion at home, then that is fine.

    What motorcycles are available?
    Please see the extensive list in the tour pricing panels.

    Can H-C Travel arrange our flights and stopovers?
    Absolutely, flights are an essential part of your holiday, and we believe that it is important we offer them as part of our service. And of course our ATOL bond and TTA membership also provide you with total financial and legal cover and guaranteed professional standards.

    How much spending money will I need?
    New Zealand is about the same price as the UK. We recommend allowing about £40/person/day to cover food and fuel. Allow for additional activities (such as bungy jumping), entrance fees and souvenirs.

    What clothing should I bring?
    We will send you a suggested clothing list with your tourbook, some 2-4 weeks before departure. Please bring all of your own riding gear – helmets can be taken as hand luggage on the planes – including waterproofs. We do have a limited selection of riding gear available in New Zealand but you must tell us at the time of booking if you need anything (please see our rental terms and conditions).

    How long have you been running these tours?
    These are probably the longest established motorcycle tours in the World and have now been running for over 25 years. All that experience shows ‘on the road’.

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