H-C Travel’s Philippines off-road motorcycle tour is just for you! If you love adventure and are looking for a motorcycle tour with a difference, then look no further. There is a fleet of Honda XLR200s awaiting to take you on a spectacular 2-week motorbike adventure past jade coloured seas and tropical beaches and through lush tropical rainforests studded with active volcanoes. Take in jungle trails, river crossings, fast-fire tracks and mountain roads. The tour also includes white-water canoeing at Pagsanyan Gorge (the setting for the closing section of ‘Apocalypse Now’), scuba diving and small fire arms shooting are optional extras.

Accommodation varies from first-class hotels to bamboo beach huts, and all the time Rick, your experienced English guide, is on hand. The tour is open to all riders, although some offroad experience is required (more challenging sections can be bypassed by those less experienced).

Why the Philippines?

  • A country of great variety and natural beauty, barely touched by tourism.
  • Asian country where English is their second language so communication with locals is both easy and rewarding.
  • The Philippines is a country where you can see mobile phones being used on one side of the road, and native Filipinos with a lifestyle unchanged for thousands of years on the other.

Why tour with H-C Travel?

  • The world’s first guided motorcycle tours to the Philippine Archipelago, established in 2003.
  • Suitable for ‘hardcore’ dirt rider and ‘novices’, as advanced sections can be bypassed.
  • Wherever we stop for the night on tour we are never more than a few metres from the sea, a river or a lake … great for a dip to get the dust off!
  • Our Honda XR200s are light, tough and easy to handle, great for first time dirt riders and with enough power for the experienced, and with electric starts – great in tropical weather.
  • Extremely varied riding terrain, from gravel tracks, mountain passes, and handlebar width trails to alpine like paved twisty sections…in fact think of it and we ride it!
  • Licensed in the UK and the Philippines
  • Mindoro and Lake Taal Off-Road Tour

    View Lake Taal and its 35 volcanoes • Visit Pagsanyan waterfall and gorge • Enjoy an overnight stay on a desert island • Meet the fascinating Mangyan hill tribes

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